Baby Corn Chilly Pepper

Baby Corn Chilly Pepper

Baby Corn Chilly Pepper


Baby Corn Chilly Pepper is a luscious dish and provides the best aroma, and baby corn is good for eye health and contains fibre and low calories at Kalyana Virundhu Biryani.


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Baby Corn Chilly Pepper is a delicate dish, and cooking time is also contained within 15-20 minutes. Baby corn includes spicy and sweet flavours, and it is softer and delicate. The ingredients for the baby corn preparation are pepper, onion, capsicum, chilly, spring onion, sauce or ketchup, and finally, the deep-fried baby corn in the hot pan. The aroma of the corn and the taste of the masala will call your taste buds, and never will you forget. The Baby Corn Chilly pepper is the best combination for fried rice, noodles or the best snack. Reach the Kalyana Virundhu Biryani and the best Baby Corn Chilly pepper and treat your tummy.

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