Who we are

Kalyana Virundhu Biryani is a venture of friends who fell in love with the Tamilian Muslim style Biryani and decided to exhibit to the world the delicate taste to the wonderful customers visiting their outlets in Chennai. Mr. Harikrishnan, Mr. Kiran Kumar, and Mr. Ajmal Khan decided to walk the extra mile to establish the love of Muslim style Biryani Shop which is prevalent among the local people in Chennai.

The Biryani is made by the best cooks who have been cooking this dish for generations. When you come to the outlet the taste of the food will transport you to a Muslim marriage or a friend’s house who makes authentic Biryani served in the typical Tamilian style. We use only the best condiments, fresh meat, and fresh vegetables. We use only high-quality products. Our Biryani is cooked in the best Biryani long grain rice which is full of flavors. For us this is not just a venture or business it is a journey of flavors and good healthy food.

Our Values

The Hindu Upanishads say these golden words about food, "Annam Brahma, Raso Vishnu, Bhokta deva Maheshwara".

Meaning: Food is Brahma, the essence in it is Vishnu, and the one who partakes of it is Maheshwara the Lord Himself.
Food is an important part of our everyday life we treat food with the respect of an energy provider. We give the best ingredients in our food which people will relish and provide them with health and joy. Our aim is to provide authentic Tamilian food which is served in Muslim marriages to people who love Biryani in the healthiest and cooked in the most hygienic manner.

We try to personalize our touch by providing delight through the food we cook for you on a daily basis. We serve your favorite side dishes to overwhelm your pleasure by cooking your dream delicacies. Kalyana Virundhu Biryani wants to live up to your expectation of an exceptional platter of Best Biryani Shop in Chennai.

Our Services

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Experienced Chefs
Some Special Teachers From The Industry!
Our Culinary professionals are in all aspects of food preparation. Their primary responsibilities include planning menus, directing the kitchen staff, and ensuring that high-quality standards of rice, meat, and ingredients satisfy our customers' tastes with their expectations.

Our chefs guarantee their roles in the kitchen to provide an excellent, unique style of experience. Because of our chef D. MD.GAFUR, ARSHATH KHAN. A is a skillful master's more than 20 years in this field. They will perfectly manage the preparation time of each food in the kitchen.

Mainly their preparation of Biryani is made in the way of the Traditional method of Tamilinan Muslim Marriage style of Biryani. The taste will Speak about their experiences in the field
Our Hygiene Practices

Kalyana Virundhu Biryani in Chennai is a team that keeps your health in priority when they cook for you. Our staff is checked every day on health parameters before they enter the kitchen.

  • Temperature check is a must for all our employees
  • The kitchen floor and slab are sanitized at least three times a day.
  • All our kitchen equipment is sanitized before use.
  • Our kitchen staff frequently wash sanitize their hands to keep themselves healthy.
  • We use fresh food for cooking right from the tender meat to the vegetables which is freshly purchased on an everyday basis.
  • Our food is delivered in sealed packets to ensure the health of all our clients.
Our Expansion Plan

We are at a very early stage of our journey. We desire to establish our restaurants in Pattalam and Kodambakkam at Arcot Road. Right now, we have take away outlets however we soon plan to set up state-of-the-art dining places in Chennai followed by a chain of restaurants all across Tamil Nādu. We intend to set up a strong foundation with branches all across South India. The dream of three friends making a large leap towards reality.

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