Mutton Biryani (Normal Pack)

Mutton Biryani (Normal Pack)

Mutton Biryani (Normal Pack)


Complimentary - Bread Halwa, Brinjal Curry, Onion Raita, 2 pieces in biryani


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As you walk down the beaches of Chennai the pleasant breeze hitting your body will leave a hunger pang inside you to dig your hands in the traditional food of the area. A smell very often has been tantalizing your senses is the smell of Biryani cooking in shops. A traditional Muslim biryani is different from the biryani served in other parts of India. It is a necessary part of all Muslim weddings and is made in large quantity for the guests. To taste the Best Mutton Biryani in Chennai, walk into our shop Kalyana Virundhu Biryani serving mouthwatering food with an unforgettable taste that will register itself in your memory lane.

  • We are serving the catering order also.
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