Vanjaram Fish Fry

Vanjaram Fish Fry

Vanjaram Fish Fry


Vanjaram Fish Fry is the Favourite Side-Dish For all Sea food Lovers. . Try it now!!


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Vanjaram Fish fry recipe is in great demand in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is supposed to be one of the famous fish varieties served in many popular restaurants and hotels. It is an easy recipe that is widely cooked in Tamilian households. It is popularly seen as a common recipes in marriages, parties, and even in Biryani shops, also served as a popular side dish with the main course of menu come out with an aroma that has people salivating for it. Kalyana Virundhu Biryani serves as a side dish of vanjaram fish fry along with our biryani as the choice of the people. Find out the best biryani in Chennai at Kalyana Virundhu Biryani. (a one shop for the best biryani in Chennai that serves Fish Vanjaram which is cooked with perfection and served along with the main Biryani as per the order of the customers.)

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